Brooke Martin

iCPooch - CEO, Inventor/Founder

When I was 12 years old I had an idea for a device that would allow dog owners to video chat with their furry friends via their mobile device. My golden retriever Kayla, like many dogs worldwide, suffered from separation anxiety. I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to combine my entrepreneurism with my love of dogs to help make the world a better place – one canine-loving family at a time.

At the Fall 2012 Startup Weekend Spokane, Washington, 39 adults and me -- a 12-year-old girl -- assembled to pitch their ideas. iCPooch ended up getting the most number of votes, and I was afforded the incredible opportunity to work with an amazing team of professionals to kick-start the formation of my company. After Startup Weekend, my dad and I built prototypes in our garage. We then brought on a CEO and Board of Directors, worked with software developers, refined product design and packaging, participated in filing for a utility patent, and overcame manufacturing hurdles – all while continuously seeking funding from a variety of investors. Because iCPooch was a new concept in the pet products marketplace, we have focused our efforts on educating others about the benefits of using technology to interact with our pets.

For more information about Brooke's exciting journey go to: www.iCBrooke.com

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